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20 Aug 2018

Antibiotic Angels: Seeing Green in Thailand’s Orange Orchards

How are antibiotics a kind of infrastructure that enable farmers to grow oranges in large orchards?

03 Aug 2018

Notes from the Field: Urban informal settlement, Kampala

‘We live with risk,’ he tells me, as we weave our way along the railway line that cuts through the...

26 Jul 2018

BMJ Opinion Piece: Antibiotics resistance and the modern...

On July 11, we, together with our colleagues Gwen Knight and Richard Stabler at LSHTM, published an opinion piece in...

01 Jun 2018

Anti-biosis? – Social and Cultural Inquiries into Human-Microbe...

Two of us from the AMIS Programme Team (Clare Chandler and Komatra Chuengsatiansup) are acting as associate editors for Palgrave...

30 May 2018

Drugs, Bugs and our Precarious Existence

This weekend I had the privilege of engaging with Laura Piddock and Ed Whiting and members of the public at...

03 May 2018

Markets and Pharmaceuticals: Hardship, Antibiotics, and Markets for...

Northern Thailand (Chiang Rai), 19 March 2018, 7am: The steep mountain road winds through rice fields, small streams, and coffee...

23 Mar 2018

Fresh Perspectives

Antimicrobials are central to many contemporary forms of care and production for humans, animals, plants and even objects – clothing,...

18 Jan 2018

Sustainable aquaculture in Bangladesh

Rather than asking how antibiotics enable livelihoods in situations of increasing precarity, our research asks whether it is possible to...

11 Dec 2017

Submissions to the AMIS Hub

Are you a social scientist who is working in antimicrobial resistance (AMR)?