Nicolas is a sociologist at INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research), in Paris-Dauphine University. His research focuses on the construction of the AMR public problem in agriculture, veterinary drug regulation and the transformations of farm animal veterinary medicine. He is particularly interested in veterinary practices, knowledge and professional organization and business models, how they are embedded in the socio-economic structures of livestock production systems and how they shape the definition of legitimate use of antimicrobials.

He is currently PI of two grants : a project on the evolution of the French veterinary profession and veterinary drug market (AMAGRI, Antimicrobials in agriculture – 2019-2022); and a European H2020 grant which is an interdisciplinary project including 10 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa (ROADMAP, Rethinking of antimicrobial decision-systems in the management of animal production – 2019-2023). Nicolas currently works as honorary assistant professor at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with the Anthropology of AMR research group.

Further information on Nicolas is available on his institutional profile and his professional blog.