Phuttamonthon 4 Road Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170 Thailand

Luechai Sringernyuang is an Associate Professor in medical anthropologist, Director of Contemplative Education Center at Mahidol University, Thailand. His research and teaching focus on qualitative methodology, pharmaceutical anthropology, the anthropology of infections and chronic diseases, accidents, and HIV/AIDS. In the past, he has been an advisor to the Asian Development Bank, a consultant for the Thai Ministry of Health, and an external expert on Information, Education, and Communication and Behaviour Change Communication in a WHO country review team of a malaria control programme in Nepal. He has published in a number of Thai science journals and has served as the principle investigator for research projects spanning various disciplines – from sociocultural and behavioural aspects of leptospirosis infection to salt consumption and hypertension.

Luechai received his PhD in medical anthropology from the University of Amsterdam on ‘Pharmaceutical Anthropology: Availability and Use of Modern Pharmaceuticals in Rural Thailand’. In addition, he has conducted and published anthropological research on community antimicrobial use and perceptions with Komatra Chuengsatiansup. As co-investigator on the AMIS Hub project, he leads and oversees the Nakorn Pathom ethnographic component of the project in Thailand. His research will focus on the anthropology of pharmaceuticals and care and will partly involve a comparison with his previous research on community drug use.