The first of our new AMIS online panel series kicked off with excellent presentations from our speakers Alex Broom, Paula Saukko, Justin Dixon and Esmita Charani, chaired by AMIS’s Clare Chandler.  The theme of the event was Antibiotics as care, in a health facility setting and each speaker described how antibiotics were used in their given settings, the patterns of use and reasons for these and the best ways to address antibiotic use in each context.

Alex Broom spoke on Governance, Politics and Practice: Antibiotics as Political Entanglement giving examples from his research in Australia and India. Esmita Charani spoke on Antibiotics as Care, Status of Use, Reasons for Use, Proposals for Action and shared insights from her work in India. Paula Saukko spoke on the different affective experiences of bacteria, signs and symptoms, overprescribing antibiotics for urinary tract infections in older adults in hospitals.  Justin Dixon shared examples from his work on the FIEBRE study and spoke on Architectures of Antibiotic Use: Preliminary Findings from Malawian and Zimbabwean Health Facilities.

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