The first panel, chaired by Professor Clare Chandler, focuses on the use of antibiotics in healthcare facilities. Panellists Dr Esmita Charani, Dr Paula Saukko, Dr Justin Dixon and Professor Alex Broom draw on social theory to unpick antibiotic use in their diverse research settings across Sudan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Australia, India and the UK.

Rather than a story of demand or ignorance, together these presentations paint a picture of affect, care and resources. By looking beyond individual behaviour, the panelists render visible the organisational structures, resource distribution, and political arrangements shaping antibiotic use. Addressing this ‘problem’, therefore, requires going beyond simply providing information, to develop a nuanced local understanding of the realities of accessing and delivering healthcare, often in time and resource limited settings. Strengthening collaboration within healthcare and moving away from equating care with case management are two proposed avenues by which to alter antibiotic use. The presentations also highlight the need to consider political entanglements and regulation making across a plurality of healthcare settings when seeking to sustainably alter antibiotic use.

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