15 Nov 2017

– Uravadee Chanchamsang –

Uravadee Chanchamsang is a medical doctor and medical sociologist at the Society and Health Institute. Her previous research experience includes, screening on depression in Diabetes Mellitus patients and the medical socialisation of Thai physicians. She has been involved in medical ethics, community mental health and preventative medicine committees and advisory boards. As member of the […] Bianca D'Souza
15 Nov 2017

– Susan Nayiga –

Susan is a social scientist with the Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration (IDRC) in Kampala, Uganda where she has been involved in researching social aspects of malaria since 2006. Her current research is on understanding the consequences of the imperative to restrict antimicrobial medicine use in Uganda. She is interested in understanding how the imperative to […] Bianca D'Souza
15 Nov 2017

– Sarah Staedke –

Sarah is a clinical epidemiologist based in Uganda where she has conducted research since 1999. Her research is focused on methods to improve quality of care and fever case management, and novel approaches to prevent and control malaria. Further information on Sarah is available on her institutional profile. Bianca D'Souza
15 Nov 2017

– Christine Nabirye –

Christine is a social scientist with the IDRC in Kampala, Uganda. She has substantial experience in qualitative research informed by medical anthropology, with a special interest in researching health care delivery in low resource settings.   Bianca D'Souza
21 Nov 2017

The Third Man: How are we entwined with antimicrobials today?

A film event and panel discussion for World Antibiotics Awareness Week 2017 diva admin
11 Dec 2017

Submissions to the AMIS Hub

Are you a social scientist who is working in antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Pat Ng
03 Jan 2018

The Opacity of Reduction

This article explores the process of consolidating technical and historically contingent ideas about nourishment into seemingly straightforward terms such as vitamins and minerals. I study the adoption of scientific principles of abstraction and reduction as a strategy of nutrition education in three Guatemalan highland sites: an elementary school classroom, a rural clinic, and the obesity […] Pat Ng
23 Mar 2018

Fresh Perspectives

Antimicrobials are central to many contemporary forms of care and production for humans, animals, plants and even objects – clothing, for example, uses antimicrobials in the production process. The sheer scale of our current dependence on antimicrobials means that in order to have any chance of addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) we are greatly in need […] Pat Ng
30 May 2018

Drugs, Bugs and our Precarious Existence

This weekend I had the privilege of engaging with Laura Piddock and Ed Whiting and members of the public at the Hay-on-Wye How The Light Gets In Festival. Angela Saini, health journalist, asked us whether it will be possible to defeat antimicrobial resistance, or whether we should come to terms with our precarious existence. I liked […] Pat Ng
01 Jun 2018

Anti-biosis? – Social and Cultural Inquiries into Human-Microbe Relations

Two of us from the AMIS Programme Team (Clare Chandler and Komatra Chuengsatiansup) are acting as associate editors for Palgrave Communications – the multidisciplinary open access journal published by Palgrave Macmillan – for a special issue on Anti-biosis? – Social and Cultural Inquiries into Human-Microbe Relations. We and are excited to have received some excellent submissions so far, and already see the collection is shaping up to be a cutting-edge resource on AMR with research contributions from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Pat Ng