news 21 Nov 2017
– Laurie Denyer Willis – University of Cambridge

Last Friday 17 November 2017, the AMIS Hub together with LSHTM’s Antimicrobial Resistance Centre hosted a film and panel event as part of World Antibiotics Awareness Week (details below).

If you couldn’t make it to the event yourself, the panel chair Madlen Davies has posted an excellent summary (with some fascinating images from the Wellcome Collection archives) on her blog for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism which you may enjoy.  If you would like to keep up to date on our future activities, do sign up for our newsletter.


The Third Man: a World Antibiotics Awareness Week film and panel event

Date: Friday, 17 November 2017 from 17:30 to 20:30 (GMT)

Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street

Set in postwar Vienna, Austria, The Third Man stars Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, a writer of pulp Westerns, who arrives penniless as a guest of his childhood chum Harry Lime (Orson Welles), only to find him dead! This award-winning 1949 British film noir, directed by Carol Reed and written by Graham Greene, is widely considered the best British film of the 20th century, and might still have lessons for us today.

The panel will discuss (a) how the film depicts the roles of antimicrobials in society after they had so recently been mass-produced; (b) how this has changed today; and (c) how the roles of antimicrobials has spread and gained traction across the world.


Chair: Ms. Madlen Davies, health and science reporter at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

1) Dr. Clare Chandler, Medical Anthropologist, co-Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Centre & Principal Investigator of the AMIS Hub, LSHTM

2) Dr. Laura Shallcross, NIHR Clinician Scientist & Honorary Consultant in Public Health, UCL

3) Mr. Ross Macfarlane, Research Development Lead, Wellcome Collection