news 11 Dec 2017
– Laurie Denyer Willis – University of Cambridge

Are you a social scientist working on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) who wants to impact policy and science? The AMIS Hub is a digital space for sharing social science research with a broad range of researchers and decision-makers working in the field of AMR.

We encourage three kinds of submissions, but are open to alternative formats:

  1. Our Commentary page is a place to explore one or two ideas from your research. Commentaries use general language, emphasising the translation of key findings for scientists and decision-makers in AMR. They are something like an extended elevator pitch: how does your research matter for policy makers or to scientists? We are particularly keen to include commentaries that demonstrate how social science research reveals new ways of knowing and thinking about issues around AMR and health policy-making more broadly.
  2. Notes from the Field. Within our Commentary page, we run a ‘Fieldnotes’ Series, which is an opportunity to tell people about ongoing research. AMR is a fast-moving field, and this is a platform for communicating findings in real-time.
  3. Essential Reading. There is a wealth of social research relevant to AMR. We welcome submissions of short summaries of books or articles, describing in lay terms how this thinking can inform ongoing debates in understanding and addressing AMR. We would be particularly interested to include summaries of materials from the fields of anthropology, science and technology studies (STS), geography, history, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, critical race studies, postcolonial studies, and other similar disciplines.

To get more of a sense of what we’re interested in, see our current range of essential readings.

If you would like to submit a commentary, fieldnote article, or essential reading, or if you would like to discuss an initial idea of a submission, please email