United Kingdom

After graduating as a veterinarian in 2009 at the University of Ghent, Belgium,  I worked for three years as a veterinarian in Aruba and in the Netherlands. I decided in 2013 to enrol in the master medical anthropology and sociology at the University of Amsterdam to better understand and manage veterinary public health issues. My master thesis studied the implementation of Dutch antibiotic agricultural policies, after which I became highly interested in the co-production between political cultures and agricultural antibiotic infrastructures.  I have been able to continue this interest in my PhD in which I approach antibiotic use in the UK dairy industry as a practice beyond behaviour and study it as the complex interplay between politics, markets and social worlds. I am moreover interested in the concept of ‘responsible antibiotic use’ in food animals and how to define this across countries from a One Health perspective, including humans, animals and the environment.

In September 2018, Stephanie presented her work titled, “Antibiotic policies in the UK dairy industry: unravelling the practices behind the numbers” at a research symposium, hosted by the AMIS programme.

Further information on Stephanie is available on her institutional profile.