Alice in Typhoidland explores the past and present of typhoid. A killer of paupers, princes, and presidents, typhoid was an invisible threat in Victorian England and remains dangerous in many areas today. Join Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland) on a murky tour of Oxford’s underside. Learn how doctors and engineers controlled typhoid to stop the disease from spreading in Alice’s city, and see how sanitation, vaccination, and typhoid have evolved since.

As part of a series of events and exhibitions, Dr Claas Kirchhelle & Dr Samantha Vanderslott are giving a talk about the extraordinary efforts to eliminate typhoid fever from a rapidly-expanding Victorian city. They’ll delve deep into the murky underworld of cesspits and sewers beneath Oxford’s dreaming spires.

See also the ongoing exhibitions on Typhoid and Sanitation, Vaccines and Public health in Oxford.

You can find more information on the events, exhibitions and resources here.